disposable natural baby diapers

We know how beautiful the new journey of parenthood is. Unfortunately, we also know the constant worry this stage brings. One of the biggest worries for new parents is their baby’s diaper changing routine. When is the optimum time to change their diaper? And do we wake them up for a diaper change?

Fortunately, we have all these answers for you today. This article will highlight the various factors to consider if you think you need to wake your baby to change their diaper. We will also list the best times to change their diapers to allow them a peaceful nap. So, let’s get started!

Things to Consider

  • Your Baby’s Skin Sensitivity

Does your baby have super sensitive skin? If so, then they will be very much prone to diaper rashes. Also, if your baby already suffers from allergies or eczema, you have to change their diapers now and then. Just make sure to do it as gently as possible, and it won’t be a problem.

  • Type of Diaper You Are Using

The kind of diaper you use is a massive factor in this debate. For example, if you use modern disposable diapers, you won’t need to change them very frequently. These are very absorbent, keeping your child comfortable and dry. Plus disposable natural baby diapers also lowers the risk of rashes on your baby’s soft skin.

Again, if your baby’s diaper is too big or too small, it might leak often. Then you will have to change them to keep your baby dry. Also, cloth diapers are more problematic than disposable ones. They get wet faster and thus need to be changed frequently. We suggest if you use cloth ones during the day, switch them for disposable ones at night. At least the changing frequency will be less, allowing your baby some sleep.

  • The Wetness of the Diaper

Several studies suggest letting our babies sleep unless they have pooped or are very wet. A little pee inside the diaper is fine, as it is made to hold a small amount of liquid. So unless you find the diaper to be soggy, no need to wake them up; your baby will wake up by themselves if uncomfortable in a wet or soggy diaper.

  • Whether It Is A Number 1 or 2

If your baby becomes uncomfortable and seems a little fussy, check the diaper. If your baby has pooped, you have to change their diaper, as it now contains harmful bacteria that can cause rashes and infection.

Again, if they pee a little, no need to change their diaper, but if the diaper seems wet, they have peed a lot, you have to change the diaper immediately. Even if it means waking them up in the middle of the night.

Optimum Time to Change Your Baby’s Diaper

  • Before Bedtime

Always make sure to put on a fresh diaper before your baby goes to sleep. This way, they can sleep longer without a change, giving them a peaceful nap.

  • During Their Feed

If your baby only sleeps for 2-3 hours every time, the best time to change their diaper is during their feed. This way, even if they doze off during their diaper change, it will be with a relatively drier diaper. You can also change their baby diaper after the feed. This way, they will be semi-conscious and won’t be too difficult while you change.

  • Without Stimulation

When you think you need to change your baby’s diaper during their sleep, try to change it without waking them up. Get the lights dim, and quietly and slowly do the work. Waking up your baby from their sleep will make them irritable, and it would be challenging to get them back to sleep.


And that’s all you need to know! We hope this article answered all your queries regarding baby diaper changing and when to do it. We wish you all the best on your new journey with your beloved little one!