Kids Safe In A Crowd

Here’s a genius child safety hack to keep your child safe in a crowded place. Who doesn’t love a nice family outing? Pumpkin patches during Halloween, seeing Santa at the mall during Christmas, heading to the zoo on a nice fall day, or large amusement parks during the holidays. A child safety hack for those crowded places will keep you prepared.

Whatever the event might be and no matter how attentive the parent might be, there’s always a chance that you could lose your child during the chaos of the day. It can happen to the best of us. You look down for a split second to tie your shoe lace and your busy little bee can make a dash for the puppy he saw running towards the parking lot… and just like that, you could potentially lose your little baby.

It’s something that we hope would never happen to us, or even our worst enemy, but parenting is full of surprises.
What we can do is be prepared. Always. Be Prepared. When you’re going out to a large event just do these 2 things to ensure that your baby comes back to you as fast as possible.


1. Snap that pic

child safety hack snap that pic

Right before starting the day snap a pic of your little one, exactly as he/she dressed for the day. Snap that pic next to a regular household item or something easily identifiable so it shows how big your child is, like a couch. If for any reason your little one gets lost you can show people an exact photo of who they are looking for. What your little one was wearing that day and how big they are.

2. Tattoo your kid
No, no… your eyes aren’t going bad. Yes, you read that right. Tattoo your child. Heaven forbid the unimaginable happens during an outing but again, you want to be prepared. Create a temporary tattoo with your information on it so if your child gets lost anyone can call you immediately. This should make the tattoo last a few days.

What you need
1. Pointy pen or sharpie
2. Liquid Band-Aid or Clear Nail Polish (that doesn’t contain toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate or DBP)