Father-Son Activities

There are different opinions and views of what a father-son relationship should look like. But one thing that is common and agreed upon by everyone is that they need to bond and spend time with each other. It’s often said that the kind of man the son will grow up to depends on what the dad taught him as a kid. One way to teach your kid and have fun is finding activities you can both enjoy. Here are five of them you need to try before school starts.

1. Go Camping

Nothing is more adventurous than time outdoors with your son. A camping trip is the best way to reset away from the busy city life and bond with your child before they go back to school. There are minimal distractions in the wild, especially if you are not bringing your tablets and phones. You will be able to have a non on one time with your son for the whole trip. It builds cooperation; you will have to set up your tent together, start a fire, and do other camp activities. The partnership will result in a mutual sense of pride after the work is done. Camping is the ultimate father-son activity; you should give it a shot if you haven’t tried it before. It will be more fun if you have a shared love and appreciation for nature.

2. Try Grilling

Grilling has become more like a rite of passage. Teach your son how to cook over a fire; it will be fun and educational. Grilling is done outside so you can play around as you watch over the food. He will learn how to flip and get burgers off the heat before they burn, which is a skill he will stay with for life. You can also try other foods and make it a tradition if he is into it. It can be your father-son time every time he is home for the holidays. It doesn’t hurt that you will both be getting a delicious treat at the end. But just like any other form of cooking, grilling is dangerous, so only try it if your son is of age.

3. Go Fishing

Fishing is one of the best activities a man and his son can engage in. it gives you a serene and sacred escape where you can talk about anything and everything. You will also have a chance to teach your child essential survival skills. It’s an invaluable skill set to pass down to your son. Many people have fishing as their go-to bonding activity, especially dads. Aside from strengthening your bond, your son will finally get to understand where food comes from. If you are lucky to have a fishing spot close to where you stay, you can do it regularly. If not, try at least once every year or twice; your son will keep those memories for a lifetime.

4. Try Biking

Whether it’s road or mountain biking, it will be an excellent exercise for you both and a nice way to bond. Use the opportunity to teach your son how to ride a bike if he doesn’t know. It opens up more possibilities for adventures and a new friendship. Find a place away from traffic and enjoy conversations with your son as you take in the scenery. If the child develops an interest in biking, he can carry it to adulthood. Biking is a healthy activity, and you will be very proud to have had a hand in it. There are endless possibilities with biking; you can create a race with friends in the neighborhood. Take the chance to teach him road responsibility and all the rules.

5. Go To A Sporting Event

It’s time to introduce your son to a sports team he will probably support for life. Take a break from TV sports and find a live match at the nearest stadium. A team jersey and a ballgame hot dog can leave a lasting impression on your son. He will not forget his first live match anytime soon. You can watch so many games but try something that interests both of you, not just you. If a sporting event is tricky, there are other ways you can get sporty. Find a football play designer and create your own plays. Find out how creative your son is with his game plans and strategies. You can keep it simple and play catch; as cliché, as it sounds, it may surprise you how much fun you will have.


These are simple and fun activities you should try before your son goes back to school. Remember to be patient with him and take things slow. Have fun with every activity, and don’t take it too seriously. It may be a great motivation for the son to develop hobbies and uncover talents.