wealth management career

Are you thinking about taking a wealth management job in Singapore after watching Leonardo de Carpio’s The Wolf of Wall Street movie? Come on. Why not! You could be the next Jordan Belfort—just minus all the fraud and illegal stuff.

So, how do you know the wealth management career path is a good fit for you? Simple. You should possess the innate characteristics of a good wealth manager—ambitious, fearless, outgoing, and risk-taker.

Read on, and learn for yourself if you have what it takes to be a wealth management advisor.

1. You Like Challenges

Money is serious business, and so is cash handling or finance management. This hard truth is the reason why most people seek help from financial consultants to ensure their hard-earned money are secured and invested in the right place.

The truth is, managing wealth can be challenging. Wealth managers must have a clear idea not only of the client’s lifestyle but also of what goals he/she wants to accomplish. Example of such goals could be saving for retirement, giving more to charity, supporting the family, exploring investment opportunities, and more.

Not only that, but a financial consultant should study the complicated and confusing financial markets to further his/her financial literacy. This one’s critical in providing clients with the best services possible aligned with their financial goals.

If you’re the type of person who accepts things as a challenge rather than a problem, then that’s good news. You indeed belong in the financial planning and management industry. Cultivate your financial skills to help individuals reach their life and wealth goals and enjoy financial independence in the future.

2. You Possess Strong People Skills

Aside from finance and analytical skills, wealth management advisors should also have strong people skills. The ability to read data, recognize trends and predict stock movement are useless without effective communication and interpersonal skills.

So, before you imagine yourself landing on a wealth management job in Singapore, assess whether you possess these crucial skills. What skills are we talking about here? These are skills that will establish a solid relationship with your prospective clients.

You should be able to relate to people regardless of their gender, background, personality, and the like. The basic skills for networking, such as cold calling and email marketing, should come naturally to you.

Above all, you should have the ability to make complicated terms or instances easier to comprehend. The financial industry is filled with jargons, and one of your responsibilities is to translate them into something that your clients will understand better.

3. You Hate Having a Sedentary Lifestyle

Did you know that there’s flexibility in finance? Financial advisors can arrange a flexible work schedule while at the same time enjoying unlimited earning and learning potential.

Yes, wealth management professionals make a great living and have a life outside the office. They aren’t like those typical office workers who spend 8 hours or more on their desks and rarely get up to walk.

People in the finance field may meet with clients at a time that is convenient to them. This gives them the privilege to step out of the office for about an hour or so.

Does this thing excite you? If you hate jobs that require prolonged sitting in the workplace, then financial advisory might be a good career choice for you. You may establish the schedule you want and have the opportunity to work less than a 40-hour week.

Make Your Choice

Are you looking for more signs that will tell you whether to take wealth management as a career path or not? Here’s a piece of advice: forget about asking a thousand or millions of signs. If you imagine yourself growing and succeeding in the wealth management field, that’s enough sign you need.