When a friend or loved one experiences the loss of a close friend or family member, it can be difficult to know what to say or do to comfort them. Oftentimes, you might not even know if they have suffered such a loss until it comes up in conversation. Being able to provide the right gift when the time is right can be very beneficial in helping your friend through their grieving process. Here are some gift ideas that may be appropriate for someone who has recently experienced the loss of a close family member or friend.

Gifts they can use

When someone is dealing with grief, it can be hard to know what gift to get them. Don’t just get something useless or sentimental because you feel like they need something. Instead, find something they can use. A gift certificate to a restaurant is more than just dinner, it’s memories and bonding time with friends. A new streaming service subscription means some me time in their favorite chair. A gift box such as these remembrance gifts from Laurelbox is curated with heartfelt messages and sympathy gifts for different types of loss.

Gifts with memories

The best gift you can give a grieving friend is one that reminds them of their loved one, not one that helps to fill a void. Gifts they can enjoy include a book about their loved one’s life, flowers from their loved one’s favorite flower shop, anything from their loved one’s favorite store or restaurant. Sometimes writing down your favorite memories of your loved ones and sharing them with them is all you need to do to remind your friends that they are still thought of and missed. A simple card saying, “We all have different ways we grieve our losses, but if there is any way I can help you honor your lost loved ones please don’t hesitate to reach out” can go a long way.

Gifts for her

If you have a friend who has lost someone close to them, there are some gifts you can get that will not only show your support but which will also mean something to her. It’s common to want to get a specific gift when someone is grieving, but it’s important to remember that grief is different for everyone. If you don’t know what kind of gift she would appreciate or what might remind her of her loved one, in particular, ask! She might find comfort in something simple and meaningful, like stationery with their loved one’s handwriting on it. Or she may want something fun and sweet to celebrate their life—in that case, try anything from wine or coffee mugs with his/her picture on it.

Life is full of difficulties and everyone must endure tragedy from time to time. Whether it’s from illness, divorce, death, job loss or some other problem, friends and family members will need support to get through these tough times. Your support goes a long way in helping your grieving friend or family member heal. There are many gifts you can give to support them during their time of mourning, so take some time out of your day and think about what you can do to show them how much they mean to you. The gift doesn’t have to be anything materialistic but should instead be meaningful—this could mean something that comes from your heart or soul that only you can offer as an expression of yourself.