Most of the homeowners know how to tackle the fundamental drainage blockage issues. Due to this, small issues can be handled by homeowners.  But there are problems that cannot be solved with the home remedies. In such situations it is necessary to call an expert. Some of the homeowners make use of over-the-counter harsh drain cleaners. Using such cleaners can treat the problem temporarily, but over time they can damage your plumbing.  At times blocked drains can lead to dreadful situations. During such times, it is good to depend on a professional plumber for their services.

Signs when you need to call a plumber for treating blocked drains:

When the home tools fail to work

A majority of the homeowners have their toolboxes or solutions at home. There may be a few of them who are not techno-savvy and do not have such toolboxes. Also, there a some of the homeowners, even if they have toolboxes do not like to put their hand into cleaning blockages; rather they will call the nearest plumber to get the unclogging done. If you have a toolbox, a plunger can help in cleaning the minor blockage. However, if there is big unclogging, the home toolbox kit will not work. You will be required to call a professional plumber, as they have the professional tools and equipment to unclog the drains.

When the blockage smells

Smells or odor in the basins or sinks of kitchen and toilet are sign of accumulation of greasy dirts, hair and ther waste. They are slowly decaying causing blockages resisting flow of waste water causing a bad smell. When the smell is less home remedies will work but on increasing it is essential to call a plumber to clean the pipe line and trap. Not only for blockages but remove the bad odor as well as avoid any causing of diseases.

When water flooding takes place

Flooding is one of the common signs of blocked drains. If the water starts overflowing, minor flooding within the bathroom in no time can lead to malfunctioning of the main drainage system. It can result in broken drains and contaminated water. To avoid getting into the worst situation, calling a plumber when there is minor flooding is always a good idea.

When the blockage is at many places

Have you noticed blockage at many places in your house? Do not wait, call the plumber immediately! It is a sign that there is some basic issue with your drainage system. A professional plumber will check your drainage system and repair blocked drains using advanced tools and equipment.

When you witness gurgling sounds

Whenever you hear any kind of strange gurgling noise, it is a sign that there is some problem. Over time clogs gather air blocks or which leads to a gurgling sound. There are chances that your drainage system might have collected clogging agents and is passing gas to your pipes. Such a situation can be dangerous to handle. To ensure safety, it is recommended to call a professional plumber to solve the problem.

When there is consistent reoccurrence of clogs

A few common causes of blocked drains are a build-up of soap, dirt, food, mineral, and hair in the drains. These things normally lead to blockage. Even though you are on regular basis cleaning the drains or using commercial drain cleaners to clean the drains, there are chances that it is not cleaned entirely. At times, you might notice that clogging takes place every month, even though you put your best efforts. It is a sign that you need to call a professional and experienced plumber to tackle this problem effectively.

These are some of the signs when you should not delay and call a good plumber to treat blocked drains. Make sure you search for a local, reliable, and skilled plumber!