You have a friend or loved one who is a work-from-home mom. You want to give her a gift, but you are not sure what will suit her fancy. The good news is that there is a large assortment of gifts that a work-from-home mom will greatly appreciate. Here are six good ideas to get you started.

Lap Desk

The best part about working from home is that you can work anywhere your heart desires. If the weather is right, you can take the computer out on the deck or do your work from the park. Work-from-home moms often find themselves having to get creative about where they work. Sometimes, they must hide themselves away from the kids or must work next to a sleeping baby who has separation anxiety. Lap desks make the perfect gift for work-from-home moms because they can accommodate a laptop and be used in any location.

Essential Oils

Working at home is outstanding because it promotes a better work and life balance. Moms can also enjoy more time with the family. Work-from-home moms also must contend with stress. These moms not only have to get their work tasks completed, but they also must juggle caring for the children. According to CNBC, 53% of parents say that the mother is the primary caregiver in the home, and what this means is that she has a significant number of responsibilities on her shoulders. Essential oils are excellent for helping work-from-home moms relax. These hard-working mothers can add a few drops of essential oils to their baths to help them unwind at the end of a hard workday: or, they can rub the oils on their wrist and temples to facilitate relaxation while they work. Additionally, these mothers can put essential oils into a diffuser and enjoy relaxing aromas to aid in calmness.

Instant Pot

For a work-from-home mom, an Instant Pot is a must. Work-from-home moms are always on the go as they work full-time and must care for the needs of the family. The Instant Pot is a lifesaver for work-from-home moms because they can make dinner using the slow cooker feature while they work. This way, dinner is ready as soon as the workday is done. With the Instant Pot, dinner will be one less task on their plates.

A Cute Mug

If the work-from-home mom in your life is a coffee or tea drinker, then a cute mug is an absolute must. Get this work-from-home-mom a mug that fits her interests or describes what is most important or dear to her. If she is all about animals, you can get her a mug that has a cute saying about animals on it. If her children are the center of her world, get her a mug that has a catchy saying about the kids. Surely, you will win her heart if you get her a cute mug that she can use to sip her coffee or tea while she works. If you know for sure that the work-from-home mom in your life happens to be a coffee drinker, you can gift her some coffee along with her mug for a nice touch. Colombian coffee brands are among some of the tastiest coffees out there, and she will appreciate some Colombian coffee to go along with her mug.

Pretty Pens

You may not think that pretty pens will make a difference to work-from-home moms; however, the contrary is true. Because work-from-home moms have so much on their plates, they are always having to write things down to keep track of the action items they need to complete. Writing agenda items will not feel like such a chore if these hard-working mamas have pretty and colorful pens they can use.

A Cute and Efficient Laptop Bag

Sometimes working from home can become monotonous, making a change of scenery necessary. When work-from-home moms need a change of scenery, they will leave the house to work at a location of their choosing, such as a tranquil park or a local cafe. In situations like this, work-from-home moms need a laptop bag that will double as both a laptop bag and a purse because the less they must carry along with them, the better.