Covid-19 has struck has us hard, with offices closing and employees working from home, many industries and restaurants shut due to restrictions and dearth of customers and the fact that people have stopped venturing out unless absolutely necessary. With external activities taking a back seat, it’s starting to take a toll on the mental health of many individuals.

On the bright side, many individuals now get to spend time with the families. Also, those who used to travel long distances for work now save a lot of time and can put it to productive use.

However, sometimes it becomes boring too. So, for your help and we have gathered some of the best family board games that are easiest and most entertaining ways to have great time. There are many board games out there but we have picked the best for you.

So, Let Us Know The Best Family Board Games.

#1. Clue: It is one of the best classic family board game that everyone appreciates especially those interested in mystery. In this game, you have to figure out which of the character committed the murder, in which room, and the murder weapon.

#2. Throw Throw Burrito: If you want to have fun with a family, Throw Throw Burrito is one of the silliest games that guarantees a fun time. You can play with anyone. All you have to do is collect and match the cards. The winner of each round will be invited to a duel in which they will be able to throw adorable foam burritos at one another.

#3. Heads Up: In card games you have many choices and categories to choose from. With Heads up, you and your family will have great fun. Moreover, you do necessarily need to buy the board and stuff. You can simply download this game on your Smartphone and start playing.

#4. Yahtzee: It is like Ludo, but Yahtzee is the advance version. you can play the shake, score, and shout game. It is portable and easy to play. Well, it doesn’t use actual board, but a score board and dice. You can play it anywhere and with anyone, no matter the age.

#5. Rummikub: It is more like the card game, rummy, but it played with tiles and some joker cards. It can be played with 2-4 players. Rummikub will be one of the best additions in your board game collection.

#6. Ticket to Ride: This is one of the best family board games you can choose to have fun with your family. In this game, players build tracks to connect trains stations across the United States. Player have to build longest track to win the game.

#7. Apples To Apples: This is yet another cool family board games that can be played by both adults and kids. In this game, each player takes turns being the judge and drawing a prompt card, while the others submit their cards anonymously to fill in the blanks.

#8. Sorrry: Another classic game ‘Sorry’ is the best family board game. In this game, you have to you get your pawns to the finish line without being sent back to the beginning.

#9. Connect 4: It is super easy game particularly designed for fun and does not have a bunch of complex rules. This is just like Tic Tac Toe, but little more challenging.

#10 Operation: One of the best family board game ‘Operation’ is popular amongst the kids. It seems easy, but it is quiet challenging and would be fun to play with your kids.


We hope you have found the best family board games. Play and have fun!